If you are interested in advertising on or our other webites & blogs, email us at

Advertisement Options

OnWeP has a variety of Websites and advertising opportunities available. The following are the currently available advertisement options at and our Websites & Blogs.

Text Link Ads.
Image Ads –   100×100 pixels,   125×125 pixels,   150×150 pixels.
Banner Ads –   468×60 pixels.

The Ads are not rotated and hence your Ad is visible all the time.
The advertisment placement will be on per year basis,   i.e. there will be no permanent placements.

If you have other requirements or suggestions, feel free to send them over.

Terms and conditions

The following are the terms and conditions for advertising at and our Websites & Blogs.

1) The advert will not have a code which can display pop-up or pop-under adds or frame breaker.
2) The advert will not have a content which may be offensive, illegal, discriminatory and socially inappropriate.
3) Animated and flash ads are not permitted.
4) Price is per different website link. i.e., if you want to link to two websites( and in a single advert, the price will be double.
5) After adding your advert on my website, the deal will be complete within 96 hours (4 days). i.e, the changes in the ad like text, link, color, location and the payment will not take more than 96 hours(4 days) after adding the advert on my website.
6) I will be paid into my Paypal account.
7) If the payment is not received within agreed period of time, the advert will be temporarily removed until payment.

Cost of advertising

Cost of advertising will depend upon your advertising requirments.